Building Effective Boards

A practical resource for trustees developed by #TeamHerts Volunteering and HCF Training and Development.

A charity board is one of the most important parts of a charitable organisation. In any form they come in, whether it’s called a Management Committee, or a Board, or just a Committee, all the members of the governing body are trustees. Having volunteer trustees oversee the direction the organisation is travelling in, support the aims and objectives of that establishment and make decisions which benefit all concerned is vital. However, being a trustee is a responsible position and trustees want to know that they are performing appropriately. It can be difficult to know how to do this role in the most effective way, keeping in line with legislation, Charity Commission requirements and make sure the charity is thriving and sustainable.

This is where #TeamHerts Volunteering and Hertfordshire Community Foundation felt they both have the expertise, which could support organisations to make sure they had the most effective support in place. With this, the Building Effective Boards resource was created.

This document is an online resource, where we have done the research for you and provided the information you need to know. We have then linked it all into this document along with relevant material in Hertfordshire to allow you to know what you're doing well and where you need assistance. The document is broken down into Recruitment, Induction and Governance looking at the three main areas where support and guidance are needed. It also comes with a raft of templates which can be amended to fit in with your organisation. The document is updated on an annual basis and so you know you're getting the most updated information.

Along with this, there is also a range of other support activities which both organisations offer: At HCF we have ourBetter Boards etter Boards programme, in conjunction with training and other support. #TeamHerts Volunteering runs workshopsworkshops around Trusteeship, which allows potential trustees to understand their role before signing up.

Building Effective Boards Annual Conference
There is also a conference which takes place in November based around the document. In 2019 the event had speakers such as Karl Wilding , CEO of NCVO and a speaker from the National Cyber Security department talking about the role of cybersecurity and risk management. To learn more about our conferences, training and other events sign up to our newsletter.

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