United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Here at Hertfordshire Community Foundation, in addition to our 8 themes highlighted in our Hertfordshire Matters Report, we have adopted the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG’s or SDG’s). These goals underpin the aims of the UN to alleviate poverty and increase sustainability on a global scale and are a central component of the UN Resolution titled ‘The 2030 Agenda’.

There are 17 SDG’s which are designed to be integrated – acknowledging that action against one may contribute towards outcomes in others.

Find out more about the SDG's here.

The SDG’s have been designed so that activity can be undertaken at various scales with local action contributing towards both local and global outcomes. Furthermore, they capture the essence of community foundation activity and align with our vision to drive philanthropy and collaboration across communities to enable meaningful and sustainable change.

The team at Hertfordshire Community Foundation, are now incorporating the SDG’s into our internal processes so that we can better understand and celebrate the contribution we are making, and that of the wider VCSE sector across Hertfordshire, against the goals. We have selected six of the SDG’s to focus on, those that best align to our typical grant making activity. They are:

Over the coming months we will be highlighting a selection of projects grant funded by HCF that have contributed towards the above goals. We will also be using the SDG’s within our Annual Review.

Community foundations across the UK are embracing the adoption of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to not only complement our grantmaking activity, but to support our operational culture. We are committed to a sustainable future and are working hard to achieve this within our organisation and beyond.
Helen Gray Director, Hertfordshire Community Foundation

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