<span>Hertfordshire's</span> charity

Hertfordshire's charity

As an independent charity HCF encourages local giving to make Hertfordshire a better place to live, for everyone.

Thanks to the support of our donors we provide grants to families in crisis, grassroots charities and voluntary groups, helping some of the county’s most vulnerable residents.

Last year we distributed over £1 million in grants to over 300 groups and organisations helping tackle need and deprivation across the county.


We make local giving easy, ensuring that your donation is used in the most effective way. We do this by connecting donors of all sizes with local charities and voluntary groups.

Whether you would like to make a one-off donation, leave a gift in your will or set up a named fund, all donations will have a direct impact, helping improve the lives of people in Hertfordshire.


We provide a range of grants to support the county's community and voluntary groups. We manage over 100 different funds, all of which aim to tackle deprivation and improve social welfare in Hertfordshire, some of which are tailored more specifically to the interests of our donors.

It’s our job to match the funds available with the needs in the county and we do it by encouraging, and in some cases actively seeking out applications.
Do you know the real Hertfordshire?

Do you know the real Hertfordshire?

Hertfordshire is perceived as an affluent county – however we know that this hides pockets of real deprivation. We have created a snapshot animation of some of the challenges facing our communities.
Making a difference

Making a difference

As a county wide charity we raise funds to make grants to support families in crisis, grassroots charities and voluntary groups working in Hertfordshire. Our Annual Review is a great way to learn more about the work that we do and how we are helping to build a Hertfordshire community that is stronger and better for all.
Annual Reviews

Catch up with our latest news

Helping people blossom
Local people with disabilities are maintaining the gardens of elderly residents.
Preventing money worries from spiralling out of control
A £3,852 grant is helping members of the Irish Network to avoid financial crisis.
New experiences, skills & friends
A £3000 grant is providing a 10-week course combining photography skills, writing skills, drama and visual arts/crafts for people with disabilities.
After school club for children with SEN
Potential Kids have received a grant of £4,375 to continue to offer a range of child and family focused social activities.