Better Boards - Trustee Development Programme

Tailored Workshops and Seminars to improve the effectiveness of Hertfordshire Charities

It is widely recognised that well-functioning trustee boards and management committees that have clear and productive relationships with the management and staff, provide solid foundations for success and long term sustainability in charitable organisations. In reality, the boards in many organisations are not as effective as they could be.
The most common reason for this is a lack of understanding of the roles and responsibilities of trustees under the Charity Governance Code (2017). This underpins everything, however there are many other issues that those who support VCS organisations come across such as the quality of the working relationship between trustees and managers.
Where HCF has had the opportunity to provide effective training and development in these areas it can be transformational in terms of unlocking the potential of the organisation as a whole.
The Better Boards Programme

The programme is supported by Hertfordshire County Council Adult Care Services and will launch in Spring 2019. It will provide organisations with:
  • Consultations to understand their board's situation and identify development needs

  • In-house governance training

  • Bite-size workshops - short sessions on relevant issues delivered at board meetings

  • Open seminars tackling relevant topics for trustees to learn with peers

Training opportunities will be available free of charge to officially registered organisations (charities, CIOs, charitable companies etc) that deliver adult social care services in Hertfordshire.

Train the Trainer

HCF Training and Development will be building a team of trainers with relevant experience to help deliver the Better Boards programme. Click HERE for more information about the opportunity to become one of our trainers.

Building Effective Boards

A practical resource for trustees developed by #TeamHerts Volunteering and HCF Training and Development.
Click HERE for further information and to download the document and resources.

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