New experiences, skills & friends

A £3000 grant is providing a 10-week course combining photography skills, writing skills, drama and visual arts/crafts for people with disabilities
The course will be run by the Daylight Club, a social club for adults with physical and associated disabilities.

Ms Salpi Gulbekian of the Daylight Club says, “Our club members have a very mixed range of disabilities, ages and backgrounds and we come together to mutually support each other. This grant from Hertfordshire Community Foundation will enable us to provide our members with a stimulating and enlightening course. Not only will they learn brand new skills and abilities but they will make new memories through the activities planned such as the excursions to photograph nearby locations. They will also gain a sense of achievement along the way.”

Helen Gray Foundation Director for Hertfordshire Community Foundation said; “It is well known that people living with disabilities often suffer from social isolation, inactivity and related health issues. The Daylight Club’s Camera Action project aims to address these issues in a fun and engaging way. We look forward to seeing some of the end results of the workshops. We are sure they will be excellent.”

The group will work towards creating at least one printed photo/artwork that will be displayed in a local exhibition and will serve as a lasting memento for all of the participants.

To make a donation to help more local groups like The Daylight Club, please CLICK HERE.

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