Love Herts helps teach practical skills

The LoveHerts appeal was recently able to provide a grant to The Kitchen Front to run ten basic hands-on cooking workshops in Hemel Hempstead.
The workshops are aimed at older people, predominantly men, who are unused to cooking and often, through bereavement, find themselves alone. They are taught practical skills to make a range of nutritious meals, they also discuss budgeting, shopping, healthy eating and food hygiene. In addition the workshops give those involved increased independence and help reduce social isolation. The courses have had fantastic feedback from those who attended.

‘At the age of 91 I am so delighted to have cooked a cake for the first time – and it was delicious!’ Harry age 91

‘As my wife has a chronic illness there could be a time when I will have to be the main cook in the house. These lessons have given me the confidence to now start cooking dinners so I will be better preparedChris age 77

‘It’s so good to now be able to cook a meal for my wife and not always rely on her to do all the work’ Brian age 83

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