Respond, Adapt and Strengthen: Social enterprise training

A series of online workshops developed to support Hertfordshire social enterprises, brought to you in partnership with Hertfordshire Growth Hub.

Respond, Adapt and Strengthen is a series of online training brought to you in partnership with Hertfordshire Growth Hub developed to support established Hertfordshire Social Enterprises. These workshops are fully funded by Hertfordshire Growth Hub as part of their ongoing support to aid recovery from Covid-19 and to ensure sustainability and growth for the VCSE sector.

All attendees will receive a free follow-up resource, with signposting to further support within Hertfordshire.

All workshops are FREE to attend. You will need to register for each workshop separately by clicking on the 'BOOK HERE' links below. You will be taken to the Herts Growth Hub website where you can click on 'Submit your interest' to register your place. If you are asked to create an account, choose to register as a 'Business looking for Support' and complete their short registration form. You will also then have full access to the excellent business advice and support available from Hertfordshire Growth Hub.
Workshop one: Respond to challenge as a Social Enterprise
Wed 19 May 10.00am - 12.00pm BOOK HERE
How do you get the balance right, between remaining true to your social purpose and running a successful business? Are you on top of your cash flow management? Have you been able to update your digital marketing strategy in response to the pandemic ? In this workshop, you will discuss some of the key challenges facing Social Enterprises and explore how you can respond to them:
  • Challenge one: Updating your digital marketing strategy

  • Challenge two: Successful cash flow management

  • Challenge three: Getting the balance right between social purpose and running a successful business

    Workshop two: Adapt and grow your Social Enterprise
    Wed 26 May 10.00am - 12.00pm BOOK HERE
    Have you had to adapt your services in response to Covid-19? Do you now see opportunity for growth? Are you looking to secure new clients and funding to enable this growth? In this workshop we will discuss the ways in which you have adapted your services in response to Covid-19 and advise on ways to secure new clients and funding to support this growth. In this workshop you will:

    • Discuss growth strategy for Social Enterprises who have adapted their services in response to Covid-19. Where do you go from here?

    • Look at ways to grow your client base

    • Gain advice on writing grant applications and local fundraising opportunities

    • Get tips on securing a financial loan from a local expert

      Workshop three: Strengthen your impact reporting as a Social Enterprise
      Wed 09 June 10.00am - 12.00pm BOOK HERE
      Do you know the best methods of demonstrating your impact to each stakeholder, especially to funders? Do you know how to effectively communicate your impact online and on social media? Are you confident that your data collection is giving you the information you need? This workshop will explore why effective impact reporting is vital to a Social Enterprises and can make the difference in securing funding, new clients, and keeping existing ones. Not only is Impact reporting important to your stakeholders, but it will help you to ensure you are delivering on your purpose. In this workshop you will:

      • Learn why impact reporting is a vital tool for Social Enterprises

      • Discuss ideas on demonstrating your impact in response to Covid-19

      • Identify individual stakeholders and what they will want to see from you, with a focus on funders, clients, and your workforce

      • Gain tips on communicating your impact through digital marketing and social media

        Workshop four: Social Enterprise discussion forum
        Wed 16 June 11.00am - 12.00pm BOOK HERE
        An opportunity to hear local case studies from Hertfordshire VCSE organisations who have been able to respond, adapt and strengthen their organisations through recent challenging times, alongside business experts in Social Enterprise. It is also an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas with your peers from the Hertfordshire VCSE sector.

        If you have any enquiries about the series or questions you would like to pose to the trainer in advance, please contact

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