Webinar: Employer's guide to COVID-19

This free webinar hosted by Redway HR will help you manage your staff through these uncertain times while maintaining service provision, including working from home.


Course will cover:
  • Identifying threats to 'business as usual'

  • Options for those needing leave

  • Maintaining service provision; tools and strategies (including advice on working from home)

  • Retaining and reducing staffing levels

  • Staffing in the longer term

  • Q&A

Liz Redway, Redway HR
Liz Redway has over 20 years experience internationally across a range of sectors. She works with integrity to support the businesses she works with, using a practical and down to earth style which puts her clients at ease.


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Registration closes at 5pm on Wednesday 25 March. Access details will be emailed on Thursday to registered participants.

If you have any specific questions regarding this webinar or your other training needs, please email Ana at by Wednesday, so we can cover any common issues.

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