HCF Training and Development's progressive programme of fundraising training

The Building Sustainability Programme comprises a series of half day modules - designed to cater for a very wide range of organisations and levels of experience/skills of individuals involved in fundraising. It enables progression and choice.
There are 4 categories of half-day courses in this programme:
Foundation Series: Get Fit for Funding, Creating a Fundable Project and Understanding Outcomes are the basic courses that all those new to fundraising will start with.
Maximising Income: A choice of 4 modules to help fundraisers learn about specific sources of income and understand the motivations and objectives of those who participate via different ways of giving. Topics included are - Individual Donors, Corporates, Community Fundraising, Digital Fundraising
Write better applications: Specific training to help you to develop your writing skills. Topics included are - Writing Successful Grant Applications and Winning High Value Bids - Masterclass
Show that you make a difference: As a progression from Understanding Outcomes there is Introduction to Social Value and Demonstrating Impact.

Last year HCF successfully introduced the Fundraising Strategy Programme. Based on the experience of our specialist consultants who deliver this, we have now extended this programme to include Business Planning for those organisations who need to complete these key elements before progressing to looking at their income generation. Details of the new Business Planning and Fundraising Strategy Development Programme can be downloaded below. Please note that organisations wishing to take this up will be required to sign HCF's terms and conditions of provision.
HCFT BP FS Strat Devt 2019-20
HCFT Business Planning and Fundraising Strategy Development Programme 2019-20

Catch up with our latest news

Coronavirus Relief Fund survey results have been published
We are really grateful to all 222 organisations that responded to our recent online survey. We’d also like to thank the 14 local organisations working across a range of needs that were interviewed by video conferencing or phone as part of our research.
Crowdfund Hertfordshire webpage launched to help local charities and businesses
A new Hertfordshire wide crowdfunding platform went live this week giving local groups and organisations an opportunity to secure funds through crowdfunding. The site has been established by Hertfordshire County Council and will be managed by Hertfordshire Community Foundation.
NEW: Good Governance online training for senior leadership
Our new webinar series has been developed to support the Hertfordshire voluntary sector to ensure good governance during COVID-19 and beyond. .
Please complete our coronavirus impact survey
HCF is committed to continuing to support Hertfordshire’s local voluntary sector organisations helping those most affected by the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak. .