A Gift in your will

Many people would like to leave money to charity in their will, but often find it hard to choose between the very many good causes available.

Leaving a gift in your will to Hertfordshire Community Foundation is an effective way to create a tax-efficient and lasting legacy, providing long term support to the causes and communities you care most about in Hertfordshire.

Hertfordshire Community Foundation welcomes legacies of all kinds including land, property, stocks and shares.

The types of gifts in your will include:

  • Pecuniary – where a specified sum of money is given.
  • Specific – where a specified item, such as shares or property, is given.
  • Residuary – where the Foundation receives all or more usually, part of the Estate, after any other legacies have been paid.
  • Reversionary – where we receive the residue of the Estate after the death of a surviving spouse.

Leaving a gift in your will is a simple process

You can decide to have a Fund named after you, your family or in a way that reflects something important to you. In terms of how your gift is used, you can leave it to us to decide how it is used, or be more specific as to how the money should be spent. We would advise you, however, not to be too specific, as over time, the cause that you were supporting may change and so your support will also need to be able to change to take account of these circumstances.

Lifetime giving

Increasingly, people are coming to us to set up a family or other Fund in their own life time, into which a gift in a will eventually can be placed. This approach allows the donor to see the impact of their charitable gifts. It also provides the opportunity to encourage other family members to become involved in the family fund.

We would be very happy to talk through all the options with you, or your professional advisors.

Legacy leaflet

For more information on our services please contact 01707 251351.

What our supporters have said...

"Thank you for always making our visit to HCF such a pleasure.  I think our delegates are very fortunate to be meeting here"

Meeting room customer - September 2015

"I am very happy to have joined HCF and would like to thank the team for their very warm welcome."


Hannah, Volunteer, June 2015

Joe Heeney, Service Manager at Resolve said: “HCF gave Resolve our very first start up grant in 2008 and has supported Resolve over the last five years with a number of Grants. These have allowed Resolve to deliver an ever growing number and level of services to the many adults we see come through our doors daily in need of support to stop the destructive cycle of alcohol and/or substance misuse.”

Joe Heeney, Service Manager at Resolve

The service that Hertfordshire Community Foundation offers is flexible and cost effective. Our fund has been tailored to our needs and the Foundation's knowledge of local charitable groups helps our staff committee make informed decisions on where we target our support

Paul Marsden, Chief Executive, Harpenden Building Society

The knowledge and expertise of Hertfordshire Community Foundation has been invaluable in setting up and running a family fund, which generates income to benefit in my locality.

The Elliston Family Fund

Hertfordshire Community Foundation has helped Scoots to expand its help within the local community by allowing us to help an additional 3 clients. Michael Smith is a client from Hinxworth currently being helped from Scoots. He said "Being on Scoots has totally changed my life and that of my family. It has given me freedom and independence. I was given incapacity benefit for life 5 years ago and never was expected to work but the last 6 months have totally changed my life. I have a job making ice-cream and I am now totally independent. The scheme is amazing!

Ricky Moore, Scoots L2O Project Manager

The Trustees are incredibly grateful for the timely support provided by Hertfordshire Community Foundation. It is fundamentally important to a small charity that we are able to deliver consistently our specialist provision. Thanks to this grant, two of our senior Lead professionals attended as SCERTS Training Course; one Trustee and one Lead professional attended a NAS (SPELL) Training Course; two of our Teaching Assistants attended Elkland Speech and Language Training; and two Teaching Assistants have progressed to staged Level 2 by attending a Sherborne Development Movement Course. As a result we feel TRACKS is at the cutting edge of research in the field of autism education and tailoring what we learn to the Tracks Approach

Michael Shaw, Tracks

On behalf of everyone at Gaddesden Place Riding for the Disabled Centre, we are grateful for the grant received from Hertfordshire Community Foundation, which has enabled us to purchase an electric hoist. This will make it easier for our less mobile riders to mount their ponies safely and will reduce the need for lifting by, and risk of injury to, our helpers.

Trevor Mills, Trustee of Gaddesden Place RDA
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