Swimming lessons for children with disabilities

A £5,000 grant is helping Level Water to provide free, specialist one to one swimming lesions for disabled children across Broxbourne
Without the right support, disability can be a big disadvantage. Research shows that 36% of children with disabilities are overweight or obese, primarily from not being active. This then often leads to feelings of being excluded and general low levels of wellbeing.

Level Water provide free, bespoke, one-to-one swimming lessons for children who are aged 4 to 11 years and have either a physical or sensory disability. The sessions aim to build the children’s confidence, resilience and self-esteem, enabling them to join group or mainstream activities and engage in a lifetime of activity.

A £5,000 grant from HCF will go towards the costs of running 1,000 one-to-one swimming lessons for approximately 20 children in pools across Broxbourne.

Colette McCarthy project co-ordinator for Level Water said; “One of the biggest issues is that and the children themselves lack confidence or are anxious to take part. Parents of children with a disability don’t always know where to go for help and often there isn’t anyone locally that can teach their child. The cost of one to one lessons can also be extremely high. We work with each child for about a year, then they can access swimming without barriers for the rest of their lives. Because we teach them to swim, they can access group lessons forever. Our short-term work creates a long-term, sustainable outcome. A modest investment now gives these children a lifetime of access to sport."

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