Nationwide Community Grants Programme

Deadline: 5pm on Friday 7 December 2018

Nationwide Building Society has launched a new community funding scheme to tackle housing and potential homelessness issues at a local level.
Grants of up to £50,000, over one or two years, are available for projects that support vulnerable people with their housing needs or at risk of homelessness. These can be preventative projects. Nationwide wants the grant to make up at least half of the project cost. You can use the grant to fully fund projects costing up to £50,000. However, if you are asking for part funding towards a project, the project should cost no more than £100,000

Examples could include:

  • Advice services to vulnerable individuals who are at risk of homelessness
  • Meeting the housing needs of women who’ve been victims of domestic violence
  • Helping individuals with tenancies, access to affordable housing and independent living
  • Frontline services that offer advice to rough sleepers

    Eligible applicants must be a UK registered charity, Community Land Trust or housing co-operative.

    See examples of previously funded projects here Projects funded in other regions
    examples of Nationwide projects previously funded in other regions

    Essex Community Foundation (ECF) is leading on the programme in the East of England, covering Broxbourne, East Herts, North Herts, Welwyn Hatfield, St Albans, Stevenage and Hertsmere districts and working with neighbouring community foundations in Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

    Heart of England Community Foundation (HoECF) is leading on the programme for Central England, covering in Herts the districts of Watford, Three Rivers and Dacorum.

    Applications will be assessed by the community foundations and then considered by a board, which is comprised of Nationwide members, employees and housing experts.

    You can apply direct from this website!

    You can apply for:
    • Staff/Volunteer costs for project delivery

    • Development and capacity building costs

    • Activity costs

    • Small scale capital costs (e.g. items for project delivery such as computers, paint, gardening equipment)

    • Building works and refurbishment costs - where they are essential to the successful delivery of the project

    Guidance for applicants:
    Please read the below eligibility criteria and guidance prior to submitting your grant application.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Please see the FAQs below for further reference.
    FAQs Nationwide
    FAQs for Nationwide programme

    How to apply:
    Applications must be submitted using this form: click here.

    Your application must be submitted by 5pm on Friday 7 December 2018.
    Funding decisions will be made in February 2019.
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