Herts100 - connecting businesses that care with causes that matter

By becoming a member of Herts100, your business will enable HCF to plan and budget immediate and long term support in areas where people are leading extremely difficult lives and suffer real deprivation across Hertfordshire.

With an estimated 30,000 children in our county currently living below the poverty line; 8,290 reported cases of domestic abuse in the last year; 658 winter deaths attributed to poor living conditions and 25% of residents experiencing mental health problems at some point during their lives. We have a lot of work to do if we are able to be truly proud of the county in which we live.

How it works
Members make an annual donation of £1,000 or more, for a minimum of three years:
  • 60% is used immediately to support local need

  • 30% is invested in the Herts100 endowment fund, with the income generated used to make grants to help Hertfordshire causes long into the future

  • 10% is used to support the ongoing work of HCF within the county

    Benefits of Herts100 membership
    • HCF makes giving easy and enjoyable. Through our thorough understanding of the county we will direct your funds to those in greatest need.

    • Our comprehensive due diligence process ensures grants are only directed at groups and organisations who can fulfil their objectives

    • We can help facilitate volunteering opportunities for you and your colleagues

    • HCF can support your business to ensure you experience the benefits of corporate social responsibility

    • Herts100 members are invited to events at a range of unique and interesting venues across the county where you can….

      • Learn about the particular challenges that Hertfordshire faces, as well as the initiatives that address them

      • Meet the community groups and charities that members have supported and hear about their important work

      • Network with like-minded individuals and businesses

        The role you can play
          The support and contribution of Herts100 members is fundamental in ensuring we are able to continue our vital work. Members…
          • Enable us to keep our administration costs very low, which means that more money goes out in grants to the community where the money is needed

          • Act as ambassadors for HCF by helping to spread the word which connects us with others who want to make a difference.

            To sign up
            Please download the Herts100 pdf below.

            For further information
            Please contact Helen Gray, Foundation Director at

    Catch up with our latest news

    Surplus food bringing communities together
    A £5,000 grant is helping Gratitude to combine surplus food, volunteers and the community to create weekly cooking clubs. Feeding not only people but encouraging healthy eating habits and social interaction.
    Chair based exercise boosts independence and well-being
    A £5,000 grant is helping an established and well attended chair based exercise group to provide a weekly class for a further 12 months.
    Empowering children with Down Syndrome and their families
    DS Achieve received a £5,000 grant towards the running costs of their 'Little Achievers' group which provides pre-school children with Down Syndrome and their parents / carers with targeted educational support to help the children achieve their full potential.
    Swimming lessons for children with disabilities
    A £5,000 grant is helping Level Water to provide free, specialist one to one swimming lesions for disabled children across Broxbourne.