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Upcoming courses for voluntary sector organisations in Hertfordshire

We provide a wide range of courses delivered county-wide and designed to meet the key needs and priorities of local VCS organisations. The HCF Training Calendar aims to enable voluntary and community organisations to:

  • Be well run (Governance, Management, Business skills)

  • Operate safely and legally (Safeguarding, Health and Safety, First Aid)

  • Become sustainable (Income generation, Marketing/Communications/Social Media)

We also aim to support organisations so they are able to thrive in the changing landscape. In particular we need to develop skills that will ensure organisations are equipped to deliver vital preventative services in the community and able to operate in an environment of personal budgets, direct payments and social prescribing. Organisations need to become more enterprising with improved business skills.

You can now book all the HCF courses online using Google Forms. If you need further information please get in touch with the local booking contact for each course.

Download the full HCF Training Calendar for January - March 2019:
HCFT Training Calendar Jan-Mar 2019
HCF Training Calendar Jan-Mar 2019

Alternatively browse via the course themes below:

Building Sustainability

A progressive programme for Fundraising designed to cater for a wide range of organisations and levels of experience/skills of individuals involved in fundraising.

Marketing & Communications

A selection of courses designed to help you to better promote your organisation to your targeted audiences

Governance/ Management / Business Skills

A selection of courses designed to develop your organisation's governance and leadership

Safeguarding Adults at Risk

Training to help your organisation to protect the health, well-being and human rights of vulnerable adults.

Working Safely and Legally

Training to help your organisation operate safely and comply with legislation

Volunteer Management and Recruitment

Training to develop your volunteer management

Catch up with our latest news

Surplus food bringing communities together
A £5,000 grant is helping Gratitude to combine surplus food, volunteers and the community to create weekly cooking clubs. Feeding not only people but encouraging healthy eating habits and social interaction.
Chair based exercise boosts independence and well-being
A £5,000 grant is helping an established and well attended chair based exercise group to provide a weekly class for a further 12 months.
Empowering children with Down Syndrome and their families
DS Achieve received a £5,000 grant towards the running costs of their 'Little Achievers' group which provides pre-school children with Down Syndrome and their parents / carers with targeted educational support to help the children achieve their full potential.
Swimming lessons for children with disabilities
A £5,000 grant is helping Level Water to provide free, specialist one to one swimming lesions for disabled children across Broxbourne.